3500 Ma large mafic magmatic events

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276 Coonterunah oceanic flood basalt(O) event Arndt et al., this volume[578]

Location: NW. Australia (Pilbara craton)

Age: 3.515 Ga

Rating: B (7)

VOLCANIC ROCKS: Coonterunah (basalts & komatiites), Uz 3515±3 Ma Buick et al., 1995[684] Arndt et al., this volume[578].

277 Isua-1 event(s)

Location: S. West Greenland

Age: =3.79 Ga

Rating: C (possibly 7)

VOLCANIC ROCKS: older Isua mafic to ultramafic volcanic sequence Nutman, 1997[685] (cut by tonalite sheets dated at Uz 3790-3800 Ma Nutman et al., 1997[686]).

COMMENT: Younger supracrustal package at Isua dated at Uz 3710 Ma Nutman et al., 1997[686].